DDB Spain :

BBVA + Aprendemos Juntos

BBVA wanted to promote this Christmas the content platform “Aprendemos Juntos”, an education project for a better future under their strategy “Creating Oportunities”.


While other companies at Christmas wish you a happy new year, BBVA wanted to help you to achieve it sharing with you and your beloved ones valuable learnings to have a happy new year.

BBVA + Manager

BBVA financial manager is always available in the app. While your financial worry can appear in different places, there is only one to solve it: BBVA app



Another place where we search our worries is the Internet, that’s why we wanted to compare the variety of results to the one that you really need, the best, thanks to the BBVA Manager.

Instagram Stories

We always see advertising on Instagram related to mind clearance. We fake this promotions to communicate our message: You don’t need to go that far to solve your doubt when you have your Manager in BBVA’s app