The button of the issue

: FINALIST IN "El Sol Young Creatives"


Using the washing machine is part of the daily routine tasks. Unfortunately, it’s only routine for 3 out of 10 men. 

Samsung AddWash wants to end with inequality innovating in their products to make it easier for everyone, but the gesture that will change to a fair housework distribution is that men and women press the button equally.


Every day we press hundreds of buttons, from the alarm clock in the morning, until the lamp switch before going to bed. Those buttons are touched equally, with no gender distinction, the washing machine button shouldn’t be different, in the end, is just another button.



It would be a long spot divided into three parts (morning buttons, work buttons, night buttons).

We will launch a teaser in muppis challenging people to figure out which is the mysterious button only 3 out of 10 men touch and would activate the conversation around Samsung’s hashtag #NoMoreExcuses.

On Twitter, we will switch the publish button for the washing machine start button to prove how easy Samsung AddWash is, as easy as posting a tweet.